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Enabling Advanced Digital Technologies

Gigabit networks support current applications and future digital services


Gigabit networks support current applications and future digital services

Gigabit connectivity providers are key enablers for other digital players, by providing the essential or backbone connectivity infrastructure for content services and applications. Changed traffic and usage patterns, driven by high-quality (8K) video, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or new Virtual World (Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality) technologies, call for reflection about future EU connectivity policies.

With the growing appetite for content-hungry and performance-sensitive applications, it is clear that an inclusive digital transformation starts with broad availability and access to high-quality mobile and fixed connectivity. Innovative applications, like digital healthcare, precision agriculture or smart mobility, depend on widespread access to advanced digital technologies such as edge/cloud computing and AI. For this new digital paradigm to become a reality, investment-heavy Gigabit and 5G infrastructure must be installed at pace and scale.

GIGAEurope engages pro-actively with EU policymakers and digital ecosystem participants to promote awareness of the tools the connectivity sector needs to meet accelerating user demand for advanced content and performance-sensitive applications. At GIGAEurope, we advocate a ‘whole-ecosystem mindset’ to support future digital transformations and ensure balanced regulatory conditions across the entire value chain.

Find out more about how the connectivity network evolution to 10Gbps supports a new generation of digital services for consumers, businesses and governments in GIGAEurope’s 10G report.

Artificial intelligence optimises network and customer experience

AI plays a pivotal role in the evolution of current Gigabit networks towards software-defined network functions, rendering next generation networks more programmable and in turn more flexible, scalable, and reliable. This also facilitates agile service deployment (e.g. machine-learning chatbots) and reduces carbon footprint by supporting intelligent energy savings in operational networks and data centres, allowing for more innovation and investment to the benefit of Europe’s end-users.

GIGAEurope contributes to the evolving legal framework for AI with a view to ensuring an innovation-friendly environment for AI to optimize network and customer service experience and to avoid unduly burdensome compliance obligations for connectivity network providers.

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