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GIGAEurope brings together private operators and infrastructure providers who build, manage, and invest in the Gigabit and 5G communications networks that enable Europe’s digital connectivity.


GIGAEurope brings together private operators who build, operate and invest in gigabit communications networks that enable Europe’s digital connectivity.

GIGAEurope members collectively provide reliable and secure gigabit-speed connections to over 340 million mobile customers and 40 million fixed broadband customers in 19 countries across Europe (including 16 EU Member States). As leaders in the Internet of Things (IoT), our members connect more than 142 types of devices and platforms.

GIGAEurope supports a strong and harmonised European Digital Single Market, with a clear focus on enabling regulatory and market conditions that allow for innovation in gigabit infrastructure and IoT.

GIGAEurope aims to highlight the importance of EU policies, supporting sustainable investment and competition. We believe that European policies should be based on long-term objectives, with regulatory intervention where the market fails to provide efficient outcomes.

Working with vertical players and policy makers, we aim to reduce market fragmentation and establish a level playing field across the whole digital ecosystem.

GIGAEurope builds on the legacy of Cable Europe, which was active since 1955. With the connectivity industry having undergone major technical advances, GIGAEurope symbolizes the shift towards gigabit connectivity and the convergence of fixed and mobile networks undertaken by private investors in this sector. It was therefore time for private investors in very high capacity networks to relaunch its collaboration under a strengthened voice. And this voice is GIGAEurope.


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