GIGAEurope’s  Vision for the 2024-2029 Mandate

Unlocking the full socioeconomic potential of the EU’s digital transformation and achieving Europe’s climate goals means adopting an inclusive, user-centric mindset that proactively promotes a digitally engaged culture.

Our vision is to offer developers the best internet service to build, test, and bring their innovations to an active market. Ensuring that no transformative technology passes Europe by.

Call to action:

  • Europe’s competitiveness depends on a successful digital transformation. This requires future-oriented regulatory policies that acknowledge connectivity’s central role in the digital value chain.
  • If Europe is to become the first carbon-neutral continent, and secure its networks, Gigabit and 5G network deployments need to be significantly ramped up and new energy-saving technologies utilised at scale.
  • Connectivity providers should be recognised as proactive and willing contributors to Europe’s digital ecosystem.

28 November