Policy Topics

Digital and Green Transformation

Gigabit connectivity enables Green Digital Transformation, whilst sustainability of the connectivity sector increases.

digital and green transformation

Enabler of the digital and green transformation

A number of GIGAEurope members joined the European Green Digital Coalition in 2021 and committed to invest in the development and deployment of green digital solutions with significant energy and material efficiency. By providing access to energy efficient digital solutions for businesses and societies at large, a net positive impact can be achieved in a wide range of sectors.

Gigabit networks therefore act as an important enabler of the EU’s Green Deal objectives. Networks themselves are made more sustainable by increased use of renewable energy sources, virtual network components, innovation and refurbishment of customer premise equipment with recyclable materials.

Drivers of digital transformation at large

An inclusive digital transformation of businesses and public services starts with broad availability and access to mobile & fixed connectivity. Advanced digital technologies such as cloud computing, AI and big data can only be effectively introduced to societies and business enterprises at large through very high capacity networks.

As this digital transformation will be increasingly data intensive, gigabit speed connectivity that is reliable, resilient and secure will act as an important catalyst of Europe’s digital strategy.