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Emerging Technologies

Gigabit networks support broad deployment of emerging technologies like AI by providing the capacity and functionality required by innovative applications.

emerging technologies

Gigabit networks support innovative applications

Whilst emerging technologies like AI and Big Data in electronic communications networks are deployed for network and customer service optimization, Gigabit connections provide the capacity and functionality for reliable access to a full range of innovative applications for business and consumers at large.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the connectivity sector is predominantly related to network optimization, innovation towards software defined network functions and optimization of customer service (e.g. machine learning chatbots).

AI plays a pivotal role in the evolution of current gigabit networks towards software-defined networking, whereby next generation networks are made more programmable, which in turn makes them more flexible, scalable, and reliable. This facilitates agile service deployment and reducing carbon footprint by supporting intelligent energy savings in operational networks and data centers, allowing for more innovation and investment to the benefit of Europe’s end-users.

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