A EURACTIV – GIGAEurope Digital Debate

Green ICT – How can the digital sector accelerate the green transition?

14 June 2022

14:30 – 15:45 CET



During the fourth EURACTIV-GIGAEurope Digital Debate Series event, on 14 June, policy makers, civil society organisations, and industry experts will discuss how, through collective action, we can enable a green and digital transition that works for all.


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Brian Maguire – Journalist, EURACTIV


How Can the Digital Sector Accelerate the Green Transition?

There is no dearth of fora and mechanisms to demonstrate the public interest and global political will to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, there is broad agreement that the ICT sector and digitalisation can have a favourable impact on international and regional climate targets, by enabling green and digital transitions.

Many connectivity providers have already begun working towards tackling the energy intensive aspects of their own operations and have also announced their voluntary commitments to meeting ambitious goals by joining the European Green and Digital Coalition.

Connectivity operators, within this evolving sector, must contend with new structural challenges, linked to “greening” their own operations and other core business activities, while simultaneously managing increased demand.

Join this EURACTIV – GIGAEurope Digital Debate to discuss:

– How does the current energy crisis, amplified by the current geopolitical situation, impact the Green Deal objectives and their implementation?

– How can green ICT contribute to a solution?

– What are the indices, metrics or KPIs that industry and stakeholders can agree to?

– How can industry, regulators, and policy makers reach a consensus on standardising data and methodologies?

– What should be taken into account when discussing the twin transition and the environmental footprint of the ICT sector?

– By what means should policy makers and stakeholders map sustainability-related actions in the sector and determine what should be counted towards these goals?

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